Hi Peeps

Im having trouble setting up desktop redirection to how i would like it and need your help!

but before i start im running a

Server 2k8 R2 Domain with Winows 7 Pro x64bit clients

So, I have setup a home drive in the user profiles in AD and have set up a GPO with the folders redirected to the home folder.
now it does everything ok. saving files accessing files etc... but what its not doing is, saving my prefernces i.e. wallpaper that i specified or the position of my icons.
It doesnt happen if i logout and log back in again as the preferences are saved. but if i reboot its all back to basics. everything is lost. my specified wallpaper and location of the icons

now i have got delprof2 running as a script to delete profiles from local computer when the computer shuts down. (this is to save space on the hard drive and privacy reasons)

Now is it me or should any preferences that i make to my desktop save to appdata --> roaming ?????
I couldnt imagine it being the appdata --> local or that wouldnt work as a roaming profile

I so im thinking that delprof2 is deleting something to do with my preferences. so what is it that i should be copying over with my folder redirection so that my preferences are saved?

any ideas?