Hia everyone.

Myself and @Oaktech are in the process of creating our new domain using Server 2008R2.

We have 3 Domain Controllers(DCs) which have AD/GP/DHCP/DNS/WINS/KMS

We have 1 FileServer(FS) which has DFS/NFS

Our FS has all of the user profile/work data which is shared via the DFShares and NFShares.

Our issue is that we have no idea what the correct secure permissions should be for the share and also for the normal security permissions of the folders.

We are just wondering if some one could please kindly help/guide us out this please.

As it stands at the moment, users can not write back to the server. Although if I gave domain users special permissions then this will work but it opens up a whole load more worms.

We just need to know that standard process.