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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, DC Crashed, Repair? Rebuild? Backup? Upgrade? in Technical; Today something strange happened to one of my 3 Windows 2008R2 Servers, strange isn't the work really! Running VMware. It ...
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    DC Crashed, Repair? Rebuild? Backup? Upgrade?

    Today something strange happened to one of my 3 Windows 2008R2 Servers, strange isn't the work really!
    Running VMware.

    It failed its backup to disk last night,

    I had errors every 5 or so seconds saying there was no space left on for Active Directory Database, this also refered to only one user, which didn't really stand out for any reason apart from a tweak with SIMS earlier on todo with logins...
    Another message suggested it had stopped replicating.

    All pointing to a pretty unhappy DC!

    Anyway space was ok, around 20GB min free on each..

    I gave it a restart as planned anyway today after installing some updates.
    On coming back to life, I got recovery mode for Server.. and a quick flash of a blue screen.

    The DC is my 2nd DNS, DHCP, my only WSUS, WDS and a couple of other roles.

    Do I:

    1. Restore from backup, demote and promote DC
    2. Build a new one and use this opportunity to implement a 2012 server well I'm at it, maybe to a spare VM the old DC for some of the setting etc.
    3. New install of 2008 and play it safe?

    Id be interested to hear your suggestions, right now I would be hoping on the backup route to be honest.
    This is a worst case scenario assuming I cannot get the old DC working tomorrow.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Press F8 at Startup and disable auto restart on failure to see what error the BSOD gives you.

    You need to establish whether it's hardware related, irrelevant if it's a virtual instance or not (depending on your setup).

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