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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Server 2008R2 + Media in Technical; First of all apologies for my ignorance. I am looking to add a member server to my domain. As my ...
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    Server 2008R2 + Media

    First of all apologies for my ignorance.

    I am looking to add a member server to my domain. As my DCs are Server 2008R2 Standard I'm guessing that it would be best if the member server was the same (although as I understand it, it is not essential). I am using VMware on ESXi 5.1.0 hosts and I have an OVS-ES agreement that (I believe) covers me for my CALs (please correct me if I am wrong here).

    If all of the above is correct then all I would need to do is get the media and licence from a supplier and setup the VM ensuring the server goes into the Servers - No inheritance OU in AD? In this instance would I be able to just buy OEM?

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    No doubt someone will correct me if I am wrong but for servers you will require a licence as your agreement will only cover upgrades (ie any desktop with a windows sticker).
    As for the cost, you should find it very cheap to add on. I think my servers cost me about £20 each or something silly like that under my agreement. Do you have a login for your licence agreement?


    If not then contact whoever sorts your licence out to get access and you will have access to all the media and keys you will require for this. As a school, please don't buy a full price copy of the server as MS almost give it away to us. Hope this helps.

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    Server Licensing on EES is full licenses not upgrades that is the Desktops that are upgrades only.

    How are you licensing the Server OS currently depends on your question. You can get different version which give different virtualisation rights, for instances Datacentre gives unlimited VMs on that host so you need to see how things are licensed currently.

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