Hey guys,

I am currently working at a particular primary school, refurbishing their network, due to the previous company being incompetent.

For the most part I have removed all the defunct and broken scripts, policies and profiles. Everything is now running much smoother.

I was doing my usual uniform checks on everything and noticed there were rather large differences in how the folder redirection paths were setup. I have setup new and working folder redirections and those are great.

But what I have noticed is the Documents redirection is not uniform across the board. Some look like this: \\Server01\Users\Type\%Username% and others look like this: \\Server01\Users\Type\%Username%\Documents.

I have redirected the appdata to \\Server01\Users\Type\%Username%\Application Data\Roaming and setup new redirects for Favorites and Downloads to \\Server01\Users\Type\%Username%\Documents\ respectively. So this botches the layout if they use the first path as I don't want appdata visible to them.

They need roaming profiles because of the roaming ability of settings etc but their server is neither here or there so I want tiny profiles, hence me redirecting everything to their home drive.

The home directories pointing to the first one obviously mess up the consistency. The effective folder redirection points to "Redirect to the users home directory" which i believe is fine. The issue lies in the fact the paths added to the users H drive when the users were created have not been put in consistently.

I have manually changed the path for some users and moved their documents one extra folder deep, but we are talking about 100 more users and I dont have the time on site, or the will power to do it all manually.

So my question is this. Can I automagically move every users documents to the new location and change the respective path at the same time?

My current thought is setting up a new folder redirection policy to point to the correct path and tick the move contents button and then bulk change the path in the users settings.

Is this the only way? I believe it would do this at next log on and I am worried if it did not work correctly it could leave people without any access to their documents and leave me fixing it all manually.

If noone can help before end of play tomorrow, I will have to tell the resident IT person they will need to go through it manually when they can.

Thanks in advance guys.