Hi guys,

I only seem to pop onto EduGeek when I have a problem. I should stop that and socialise more.

Anyway, I have a problem with users getting onto our remote access facility but only some of the time.
The error ID on our gateway server is 301 which states that the user is not authorised to access the requested resource.
Now, usually that means either the user isn't in the right group specified in the CAP or the resource they're trying to access isn't in the RAP. This is, indeed, true. The server stated in the error isn't in the RAP... the reason being that is isn't one of our RDS servers!

Unfortunately, everything I've found on the internet is telling me to add the resource to the RAP because that's the problem. However, I want to stop this particular server from entering the picture in the first place. DNS is fine. CAP is fine. RAP is fine. Server in question isn't in our RD farm.

Any help greatly appreciated