Hi guys

Having intermittent issues when people are accessing our pupil share. Win 7 sporadically takes an age to open a file (green address bar takes a while to load), its not specific PCs, and happens on my PC where nothing is locked down. It does not happen in user areas, which are on the same server, or staff share, although these are used less frequently. It is not for a particular file type, although only seen happening to powerpoints and word atm, have checked their size, not an issue (73kb) – in a class of 32, it can happen to 6 users. They can then reopen up computer and access it fine.

The only thing I can think of is over half term I increased the disk space and shrunk some other shares for the ‘shares’ drive, it now looks like this in disk management:


Any ideas? Notice that the G drive now spans 3 different areas?!

I am thinking about creating a new VHD, and moving it onto that?