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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Upgrading computers XP - 7 problems in Technical; I'm currently running Windows Server 2008 R2 for the domain controller, which worked great for XP workstations, everything in group ...
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    Upgrading computers XP - 7 problems

    I'm currently running Windows Server 2008 R2 for the domain controller, which worked great for XP workstations, everything in group policy just works. Starting swapping classroom workstations out for new Windows 7 64-bit machines and I'm running into loads of problems with users.

    The first problem I ran into was that 2 out of the 50+ staff users weren't having some group policies applied onto their accounts, so no proxy settings, wallpaper. The users are all exactly the same, in the same OU, all running a bat file set in AD to apply printers.

    All of the users, including those 2, aren't having their desktops redirected, which is set in group policy to have them all redirected to the same folder on the server. Everyone is managing getting to programs via the start menu, but they're not consistent, whereas the redirected desktop is. There is one user however, set up for Reception which is in it's own OU, that has a separate desktop that is successfully redirecting.

    Although the Reception user is having the desktop and wallpaper policies working, the proxy settings aren't being applied so they can't access the internet. Neither is any new user that I create. If I log into an XP machine, it works fine.

    I expect there to be some bugs switching to 7 when everything is set up for XP, but it seems like some things are working for some users and not for others, and there's no instances where everything is working for any user.

    Any help with this transition would be greatly appreciated.

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    for desktop redirection under settings in group policy make sure grant user exclusive rights its not ticked as this can stop it working.

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    Have you tested a win7 build with the pc in the same ou. Run gpresult and find which gpo is not applying? Also are you on ie10/11 you need to use gpp for the proxy.
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