I'm looking at changing the document redirects at one of my schools but I've got a few concerns with doing it.

My plan is to change from \\server\users\pupils\%username%\documents to \\domain.local\users\pupils\%username%\documents which will be the DFS path to the same folder.

I'm relatively happy that the redirect change wont take to long to apply and because of simply being a new path to the same thing its not too bad if it takes it weeks to filter out 100%.

My BIG concern is offline files. ALL the staff use it all the time and I can see potential issues in how it handles the path change.

I can see this happening:

  1. Laptop arrives in school has a bunch of un synced changes
  2. during logon the new path is picked up from group policy
  3. offline files starts up and then does nothing because it has no local copy of $new_path

Has anyone done this before? Do you know how offline files handles the document redirect changing whilst it has unsynced local files?