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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Group policy settings application sequence in Technical; Hello all I'm planning to deploy Java v7 update 45 via an msi using Group Policy Software Installation. The previous ...
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    Group policy settings application sequence

    Hello all

    I'm planning to deploy Java v7 update 45 via an msi using Group Policy Software Installation.

    The previous Java version was deployed via a script running msiexec, and invoked via Scripts in Group Policies (software installation was not used, for reasons that are not relevant to the current problem).

    I'd like to uninstal the existing version before deploying update 45.

    I'd appreciate some ideas on how to do the uninstal? Once thought is to run a script containing 'msiexec /x' in the policy that is deploying update 45. But how to ensure the Script section runs before the Software Installation? And I'd be grateful if someone can point out a document that details the order in which settings within a single policy are applied.

    Another thought is to have a separate policy running 'msiexec /x' which runs before the deployment policy. But again, how to ensure that the first policy is completed before the second policy kicks in?

    Thank you.

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    Well I'm sure there are a number of ways to accomplish this, but this should work.

    Put the uninstall command in as you intended.

    Create a new GPO, under this GPO create a preference item to run a scheduled task, that will install the application as desired, set this item to “Apply once and do not reapply”

    Then under Item level targeting, choose file match, and put in the path to the old file that was previous uninstalled, and under item options choose “Not”. This should ensure the option changes to “Does not exist”.

    Now this should only carry out the install if the previous install file path does not exist.

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