Hi All,

I'm having some problems with students and teachers who use Visual Visual Basic 2008 to create and modify projects.

We have a issue where when a user saves a project to a network share, the program hangs momentarily (Not responding), eventually coming back to life when the project is saved.

I believe the issue is when they save the project, roughly 5 folders are created and around 20+ small files (temp files etc). The latency doesn't seem to increase and the server itself doesn't struggle so I'm guessing its just down the amount of files and folders being written.

The share is on a standard 2008 R2 server (SP1), dedicated to file shares and currently only hosting files and folders for this department.

The server is hosted on ESXi host with a HP SAN attached which presents the storage to ESXi which in turn presents it to the server.

The users are connected to the core switch via 100MB switch on vlan. Only these users are having the issue when running VB, I should note it happens when they debug projects on the network too, presumably because debugging involves writing lots of files to a folder.

Also all the users either use roaming profiles or redirected menus.

Does anyone have any ideas what I can do about this?

I though one possible solution would be to write files locally then use a log off script to copy the files to the server but does anyone have any better ideas??

Many thanks