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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, duplicate documents folder when redirecting folders in Technical; We are redirecting my documents. Each user ends up with 2 documents folders under their name. One points to the ...
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    duplicate documents folder when redirecting folders

    We are redirecting my documents.
    Each user ends up with 2 documents folders under their name.

    One points to the right place and can put files in.

    The other doesn't and gets accesed denied.

    We are not sure where the extra one comes from. If you del it and the user logs onto pc they not been on before it creates it again.

    hopefully someone will know why this is.

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    I had something similar to this.

    If you are using folder redirect via group policy, there is no need to also have "profile paths defined" since the "Local Path" is being redirected anyway.

    I'm pretty sure it's a lame fix, but after stripping the profile path out of AD and letting Folder Redirection take care of it all, the problem went away.

    *** Just checked

    It was nothing to do with the above, it's "offline files" and Folder Redirection (both of which kinda don't like each other). If the folder is redirected offline files can't really "work" unless it makes a duplicate of the file (ignoring the redirection) in the same physical location. Windows Librarys then (show the files next door to each other). I would not be supprised at all if that creates some evil privledge screw up (are the files access is denied to) owned by a Network Service by any chance.

    I would do an audit of Offline Files / Folder Redirect and AD's Profile Pathing to make sure you don't have some double tasking there.

    Not sure this will help, but, here is hoping it leads you atleast in the right direction!

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