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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Convert server disk to dynamic in Technical; One of our Windows 2008 Servers was set up with a 50GB C:\ drive (?) and has only a pitiful ...
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    Convert server disk to dynamic

    One of our Windows 2008 Servers was set up with a 50GB C:\ drive (?) and has only a pitiful amount of free space. I'm wondering whether to convert to dynamic for resizing...any potential problems there...?
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    I steer clear of dynamic disks at all costs.
    Can you tidy up the winsxs folder How to address disk space issues that are caused by a large Windows component store (WinSxS) directory


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    Agree, dynamic disks are the spawn of Satan. Avoid at all costs.

    It's been a while since I've had to bugger about with resizing physical disk partitions since all of our servers are virtualised, but in the past I used to use something like Acronis to take a full disk image, then alter the partition sizes when restoring the image.

    Also, find whoever gave you a silly C: drive in the first place and hit them with something heavy.

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