Wondering if anyone can help....

We have a Server 2008R2 running terminal server for ipads etc for the internal network. At this stage no plans to open this up to the outside world, well not just yet anyway.

We have had it running now for a while and the 180 days grace has been and gone. School would like to continue using it. So we now need to correctly license it.
the picture shows that it now requires a terminal server license product key.

School has an EES agreement for 60 staff.

I have been told by a large software reseller that all I need is this
6VC-01518 WinRmtDsktpSrvcsCAL ALNG LicSAPk OLV E 1Y Acdmc Ent UsrCAL £3.06 each

As I have the full EES I am also entitled to use Microsoft Office within the terminal server sessions.

We have access to our EES licensing page which shows the products keys for office, windows etc Adding the above to our agreement will I also get a terminal server product key as that's what the server needs.

Anyone that can help, it will be very much appreciated.