I've recently been experiencing some slow logons across my site. The user logs on and the machine stays on the "Welcome" part for up to 10 minutes. These were users who up until now have been logging on in under a minute. My machines are Windows 7 on a Server 2008 R2 domain. The users have roaming profiles but Documents, desktop etc (ie all the things that can get big) use folder re-direction so the profiles should be small. Once the user has logged on if they then log off subsequent logons are at the normal speed. When the logons are slow I have checked Event Viewer and there is the following event:

"Winlogon notification subscriber <profiles> is taking a long time to handle the notification event (logon)" Event code 6005.

This has just started happening for no obvious reason. The only changes made to the network have been a migration from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 which shouldn't do anything to effect logon times.

I've done various Google searches and there are numerous suggestions but none of them seem relevant to my case.

Has anyone experienced similar? Any help would be appreciated.