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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, User AD lockout in Technical; Hi All, i have a user who keeps geting locked out every 1-2 hours is there any log which i ...
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    User AD lockout

    Hi All,
    i have a user who keeps geting locked out every 1-2 hours is there any log which i can look at to see roughty what is causing this to happen?


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    You need to look at the Security audit logs on your DCs - more specifically the Failure entries as this will tell you which computer is locking the account out.

    I had one very recently where a user account was added to the Credential Manager on a non-domain PC allowing the user to print from that machine. We have a password policy which changes the password every 90 days, of course the one on the standalone didn't get changed locking that user out every 5 minutes.

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    Ive got the same thing. I'm resorting to wireshark soon as I can't identfy the process which is causing the lock out. Ive tried a fresh pc so its not in the profile we use local. Her phone had exchange cresentials now removed. Dc logs show the failures from the pc.

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