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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Using RDS with laptops in Technical; Hello, I've installed Remote Desktop Services on a farm of servers and around 50 people work on them, they're using ...
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    Using RDS with laptops


    I've installed Remote Desktop Services on a farm of servers and around 50 people work on them, they're using roaming profiles and GP is redirecting start menus/blocking access.
    How can i get the 3 laptop users to connect while leaving their laptops on the domain?
    If they were to log in with an RDS account they get the locked down profile and wouldn't be able to work from home. What i need is for policy to be blocked and them have an RDP shortcut to the farm. BUT HOW?!

    I've tried a seperate OU for the laptop itself, but the user policy seems to override.

    I may just have to create local accounts on the laptops for the users, but i'd rather they use their normal un/pw to logon.

    I just can't think of a solution, any ideas?

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    I ended up creating local accounts for my laptop users. It also solves problems with IE proxy settings being continually re-applied when on the domain so that when they get home "the internet doesn't work".

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    setup a WMI filter. They get one lot of group policies applied for the laptops and a completely seperate group policy for the RDS session. That way they can keep 1 account. Its how we do it here.

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    Or even simpler, in the policy that you have configured for the RDS server, also configure your user settings that are require, and in that same policy turn loop-back processing on and set it to replace.

    This should....
    Apply the computer part
    Apply the standard user part
    Loopback and apply the user part from the RDS GPO

    That's how we have ours configured

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