We are in the process of migrating away from CC4 to a vanilla setup (I have little CC4 knowledge), stage 1 is the build of a new sims server on the new domain which will need to be accessed from the CC4 clients. Can anyone explain the processes they went through to do this as I am sure I'm not the first or last to take this step.
MS suggest that for a trust to work between a server 2003 & 2008 network then domain forwarders and conditional forwarders need to be added in DNS, before the trust is created. However when I add the conditional forwarder on the 2008 side I get an error stating the server (CC4) is not authoritative for the Zone and on the CC4 side when I add a forwarder on the CC4 side I get The server forwarders cannot be updated. A Zone configuration problem occurred. Do you need to add DNS entries on the CC4 side via RMMC?