Hi all

Just wondering if anyone has ever come across or dealt with this one...

We had our Shadow Copy Volume go splat... the setup is that the Data drive E, has the shadow copies targeted to drive F (specifically for the purpose).

F went blank as part of some other "fun", and I have a snapshot of the machine (its a vm) from prior to this point, but as its a file store for user data, its not something I can leave off or restore to that snapshot (as the normal drive has had data to it since and so on) so what I tried was to remove the drive, and take a copy from the snapshot clone off the SAN.

Alas, due to various reasons and sizes, it took pretty much 24 hrs to copy from place to place.

Hooked it back up again and in windows, once I turned the disk "online" in disk management again, it auto had the correct drive letter and label etc, and had the amount of data i was expecting.... great i thought.

However, had a look in Configure Shadow Copies... on the data drive, and while it was still selecting the F drive, it doesnt think there are any copies in there alas.

As you can do all that with the machine up, i thought oh maybe it needs to reboot to re-see the copies there, but alas, after rebooting, it had wiped the drive clean again lol

I dont want to keep this function off while messing around with this, so just wondering if anyone has had any joy / knowledge of this sort of situation and knows whether or not its possible.

I expect one way it would work is having the vm off throughout, not having the vm hooked into vsphere while copying, and not actually removing the shadow drive [F] so that it doesnt loose its association in some way, but if thats the case, may have to just accept the shadow copies are gone and get it turned back on again.

Open to any brief thoughts before just starting again with shadow copies from fresh at some point tomorrow.