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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, GPO containing any 'Preferences' stopping other GPOs being applied in Technical; Morning all. I have what i think may be a bizarre problem. We have an 2008 R2 + XP network. ...
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    GPO containing any 'Preferences' stopping other GPOs being applied

    Morning all.

    I have what i think may be a bizarre problem. We have an 2008 R2 + XP network. I'm moving over to Windows 7 and the current set up will not work at all.

    That's a Default Domain Policy containing 'defaults' and Proxy Server Details. Then 4/5 other GPOs containing specific Preferences, such as Drive Mapping, Document / Desktop redirections. This is working perfectly in XP.

    Now i've built a test Windows 7 PC, Proxy settings aren't applied for a student.
    After a bit of trial and error, it seems that as soon as there's a policy containing a User Preference, the proxy settings (my indicator) from DDP aren't applied.

    I'm very rusty in my GPO testing after spending a good 3 years messing about with it, so pardon the lack of other information gathered.
    I set up a new OU structure where the Win 7 Machine and Users are separate. Proxy is fine when only inheriting from DDP. As soon as there's a Preference added, it stops working again.

    I'd thought that getting the preferences working with XP would be the difficult part and that they'd be tailor made for Win 7. How wrong I was!

    Any help appreciated.


    EDIT: I've discovered that if i add a user to another secutirty group, it works fine. But from what i can tell, the group is not a member of any Domain Admins or member of any other elevated groups!!!
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