Hi, When we created our doman, we forgot to add the policy that will give full control permissions to administrators for every single user profile created. We have changed that now, and all newly created user accounts provide this permission to user accounts.

However, for existing user accounts we found that taking ownership, resetting permissions, giving ownership back to the user seems to mess up the profile to the point where the user cannot load the profile.

I've found that using the SUBINACL is a lot less messy way to resolve the issue. However the problem I'm having is that it gives me root level permissions to the users profile, but not all the subdirectories. I'm running the following command (Which should in theory give me permissions to the folder and all its subdirectories), so what am I doing wrong. My server end is Windows 2008 R2, with Windows 7 clients.

SUBINACL /verbose=1 /subdirectories "E:\studentprofiles\rolanddre.v2" /grant=Administrators=F

Many thanks in advance. Kind regards.