Hello all,

We're having an issues with three file servers (only file servers which is strange) that are running server 2008 r2 with the latest hotfixes and sp1. The problem is that randomly the wmiprvse.exe process takes up all the cpu crippling the server and in the end it slows everything down i.e. file access etc. This is only happening on the file servers. We have made sure that is not a virus (scanned with av, malwarebytes others etc). Have looked at loads of website on the net about this but can't seem to find out what's causing this issue.

The servers are simple plain server 2008 r2 that has file services role and nothing else. Its not even running file server resource manager or other stuff either. It does have quota enabled on the relevant partition where user's profile and home folder's reside. The other thing that it has is the AV. We disabled it temporarely to see if this was the issue but it didn't improve the situation.

Just wondering if anyone has had anything like this or other suggestions that may help us catch the culprit.

Thanks in advance,