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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, BAD ADDRESS after powercut in Technical; can someone explane BAD ADDRESS ini DHCP to me. Or how to get rid of it. We have a printer ...
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    BAD ADDRESS after powercut

    can someone explane BAD ADDRESS ini DHCP to me. Or how to get rid of it.

    We have a printer with a static address this has been added as a reservation. After a powercut the printer reset to automatic ip which i have now restored to the original setting but i still have it showing as a bad address in DHCP?

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    BAD ADDRESS normally appears when you have two DHCP Servers setup in the same domain with Conflict Detection enabled. It's perfectly normal behaviour.

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    Bad Address basically means the following precess has occurred:

    DHCP Client requests IP from DHCP Server
    DHCP Server responds with an IP for the client
    Client does an ARP lookup on the address and if it gets a response then it knows that address is in use. It then responds to the DHCP server to inform it that the IP is in use so it therefore wont try to hand it out again.
    DHCP Client requests another address.

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