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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, deleting old pics/videos in Technical; I'm trying to clean up a shared folder. Basically want to delete all pictures and videos over say 1 year ...
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    deleting old pics/videos

    I'm trying to clean up a shared folder.

    Basically want to delete all pictures and videos over say 1 year old.

    Would like to run with "no teeth" first e.g. a report showing what will be deleted so I can
    check through it first. Also need an electronic copy (e.g. .txt or .xls) of what has been
    deleted for records and so I can get it back off backup if (/when!) required.

    Any ideas on scripts / free utils to do the job ?

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    Tree size pro free trial might do the job for you, assuming you can still get a free trial. I'm sure you can filter file types and produce a csv beforehand.

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    You could try the venerable ROBOCOPY with the /MINAGE flag and use of the /CREATE flag which creates a null (0 byte) copy of the tree structure, effectively reducing their size to zero.

    Robocopy | SS64.com

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