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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, GPO: Disable Network Browsing? in Technical; Originally Posted by justingoldberg What if I have an AD setup and I want to restrict access to shares and ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by justingoldberg View Post
    What if I have an AD setup and I want to restrict access to shares and drives based on the user? If I restrict to computers, then someone can access the data by logging in from one of the computers that is allowed access.
    User access should be restricted on the share; both the share permissions and the security. Even if they don't have direct access to a mapped share, I certainly wouldn't rely solely on that.

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    Hi all,

    I want to be disable network browsing, so when user click or type "Network" in Windows Explorer address bar they wont see any Computers from the Network.
    I enabled "No Computers Near Me in Network Locations"; No Entire Network in Network Locations; Remove "Map Network Drive" and "Disconnect Network Drive" in GPO Management.
    Also i created a policy "NoComputersNearMe = 1" but users still can see the network PCs from Windows Explorer.

    Please, could somebody help with this problem!!!

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    I had the same issues and manage to get the same result by running this command on all my servers

    net config server /hidden : yes

    It basically hides the servers from the network display.

    I have not got round to seeing if it works on workstations too. But will be trying shortly.

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    if you disable network discovery iirc pc's wont advertise themselves.
    i also hide the navigation bar where "network" is in windows explorer

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