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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Backups in Technical; Hi I've just taken over doing a lot of IT work for 5 schools, 4 small schools running W28KR2 and ...
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    I've just taken over doing a lot of IT work for 5 schools, 4 small schools running W28KR2 and 1 big one that's running Mac OS X server snow leopard). All the schools are part of the same group but I've noticed that of the 3 i've been to so far only one has a working backup! My boss has asked me to look into this and sort out something. He has suggested backing up the 4 smaller schools to the big one and the big one to the smaller school with the best upload speed so there is always an offsite backup.
    Now the big school has 1.2TB (at least) of data so I think we would need something that only backed up changes rather than everything.
    what are the pitfalls of doing this and what software should I be using.

    Many Thanks

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    Hiyah I back up my 2 schools to each other using logmein backup .... Each school has the others large external 2TB USB hard drive and the initial backup was done onsite. I then transported the drives to the appropriate school. The backups from then are only the files that have changed or been added. Works well for a cost of about 28.00 PA plus the cost of the hard drives.

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