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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, GPO's not applied completly in Technical; Hi All Could anyone help? I have my start menu and desktops redirected and applied by GPO. Server 2008 R2 ...
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    GPO's not applied completly

    Hi All

    Could anyone help?

    I have my start menu and desktops redirected and applied by GPO. Server 2008 R2 to windows 7.

    All uses get the start menu I give them however the shortcuts on the desk top not so great. Some get them fine with no problems others just get a blank desktop. All users are in the correct groups for this to happen and also have correct security. And it is the same GPO that does both jobs.

    Anyone got any ideas?
    Ways of me trying to find out what is not happening within the GPO?


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    Run group policy results for that user against the machine in question.. It will tell you why.

    Is the same user affected on multiple machines? Is there any pattern to it?

    Permissions set on the desktop folder?

    How are the machines accessing the share? Is it done using namespace or unc?

    I'm happy to send some screen shots if you like

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    Try a rsop.msc and see if there are errors it shows as a yellow traingle with a black exclamation mark.

    Try cmd and then gpresult it might show you errors.

    Have you got multiple dc's If you have check replication with repadmin /showrepl on the server

    Do you have multiple dns servers check dns.

    Try the ip in the redirect and that will elininate the dns.

    Is it the same users or computer not getting the redirect.

    Have you checked the event log of the windows 2008 r2 server?

    Have you sniffed the network for slow responses say on the server you might have to disable things like ip6, chimney, rss, tcp ip offloading, auto tunnelling. Windows 2008 r2 does some strange things and trys to move the processing from the cpu to the nic card and it does not always like it.

    Are the computers with a problem running 1 gig nic. If they are you might have to get them to wait for the domain.

    Are the computers with a problem from the same build or image and the ones that are ok from a different build.

    If the problem is with a brand of pc rather than all pc try updating the nic card driver.


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