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    Robocopy user shares

    Hi, I’m wondering if somebody could help with this issue. I have a user with two user shares, "U" being the new file share and "Z" being the old file share. Initially all files were copied from Z to U. The old file share was not removed(oopps). This one user has been saving to both "U" and "Z" some files on "Z" the old file server are a newer version of the"U". Can somebody help with a robocopy command so as all the files on the new file server "U" are the latest and most up to date without over writing anything that may have been saved on the new file server.

    I hope that makes some sense…

    I used the command "robocopy \\srv-x-x\sharename \\srv-x-x\Users\sharename /E /XC /XN /XO"

    The command ran ok but the user informed me that she did not have the latest files on U!

    Thanks for any tips

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    you seem to be excluding older and newer files? Presumably you don't want to exclude the newer files because those are the one's you want to copy?

    It do some testing though as I've not used these options,

    YOu might also want to make the old area read only so that they can't save to it...

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