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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, GPO wont map DFS shares - Possible DFS issue? in Technical; ...
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    GPO wont map DFS shares - Possible DFS issue?


    Iím in the process of setting up a new server at a new remote office and I want to create a couple of Distributed File Shares across the two servers with folder replication between two different WAN sites.

    I think Iíve configured everything right however there is definitely something fishy going on that I canít seem to workout. I have some GPOís that map network drives to the DFS folders and they are failing. Event viewer says: '0x80070035 The network path was not found. Once I have logged in, I can successfully open \\travel.local\data\Admin, yet the GPO is mapping the drive to the exact same path. (The DFSRoot is Data). If I browse to the server by \\IP_Address or \\Travel.local and double click on Data share, it opens as normal. Other GPOís that map to non DFS shares map just fine.

    Iíve attached some screenshots of my configuration and some command prompt outputs.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thereís very little data being replicated and as this is a new setup, users do not have access to the DFS shares yet so I can recreate if need be.


    ad SS Ayr.PNGad SS prestwick.PNGad ss Site ayr.PNGad ss Site ayr2.PNGad ss Site Pwik.PNGNamespace Servers.PNGreplication Connections.PNGreplication memberships.PNGreplication Replicated Folders.PNG
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