Hi folks,

Im in the process of adding a new 2008R2 DC to the current 2003 domain. The VM I intend to use was set up by my predecessor, has had 2008R2 installed, and has been set up with a 75GB C: drive and nowt else. During my research for installing the Domain Services, I noticed it is recommended that the AD database and log files are saved to different disks (I assume for performance and fault tolerance?).
The VM that has been set up is hosted on a HP Proliant G7, with 1.5TB of disk space. The storage is using RAID5, so I have about 800GB space (one hotspare).

What I am wondering is, I could add a second Virtual disk to the VM, and distribute the AD DB and logs between the disks, but if the disk is just a section of the logical volume used by the VM, sitting on top of a RAID 5 set up, is there any point in this (in terms of performance and fault tolerance), or should I just save all to the C: drive?

Thanks in advance.