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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, File / Folder permisions in Technical; Looking for a bit of help as the kids are moving folders and files. We have a shared are on ...
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    File / Folder permisions

    Looking for a bit of help as the kids are moving folders and files. We have a shared are on a NAS box which we cant lock down with permissions.
    So I am recreating this on the Server,
    On the server I have created a pupils folder and will share it with the pupils as their P drive. Within there I have created folders for each year group.
    I want the staff to be able to read / write / delete and create folders with in these folders, that should be no issue as its that by default?

    But I only want the pupils to be able to read / write and create files and folders within their year group folder. I don't want them to be able to delete files or folders or move them into the other year group folders.

    Would it be in the advanced setting of sharing and allow Traverse Folder , List folder, Create Files, Create Folder and Deny Delete , delete subfolders and files?


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    i wouldnt assume a default as alot of things in 2008R2 if its not specified it assumes deny.
    id remove inherited on the year group folder (which you have created) add the pupil group and then test the last set of permissions.

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