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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, TS Server blank start menus (Folder Redirection) in Technical; Sorry to post a new thread on this topic, I can't seem to find the topic I was browsing yesterday, ...
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    TS Server blank start menus (Folder Redirection)

    Sorry to post a new thread on this topic, I can't seem to find the topic I was browsing yesterday, so here goes.

    We are currently upgrading our IT server room from a 2003 server environment, to a Virtual 2008R2 environment.
    We plan to run Terminal Servers on 3x 2008R2 machines, I have created 2 new GPO items, one for security lock down of the start menu, desktop etc etc, and one for folder redirection, I plan to redirect the start menu and my documents (as we disable the desktop completely there is no reason to redirect the desktop). I created a network share for the start menu and logged my test user in, the start menu redirection work to the point where it created the new start menu folder, and the "programs" folder there in, but when I add new items to the start menu folder they do not appear on the user start menu, even after reclogging the user.
    while reading the last post I mentioned earlier someone suggested trying to disable (not "not configure") this setting:
    User Config >> Policies >> Admin Templates >> Start Menu and Taskbar >> "Remove user folders from the start menu"
    but this didn't work. the NTFS and share permissions should be fine, as the folder was successfully created at log in time?
    are there GPO settings that I could look at? or any ideas that I can use to populate the start menu.
    please note that this is the first time we are using start menu redirection, so please don't leave out the basics I should know.

    P.S. it might be worth noting we plan on using roaming profiles, and yes this is also very new to us. (however I have successfully set up roaming profiles and they too are working fine).
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