Has any one come across the following in event viewer:

"Possibly memory leak. Application ("c:\windows\system32\mmc.exe" "c:\windows\system32\dhcpmgmt.msc") has passed a null pointer to RPC etc etc.

having researched the error it appears that microsoft say this is a "false error" and isnt a problem, however i have noticed that clients attempting to get an address over wireless is very flaky (the wireless clients are not joined to the domain)
switching on allowing updates from none secure sources has improved the issue.
(wired connections dont exhibit the issue)
but it appears that as soon as this message crops up there is an issue.
i have applied a hot fix to DHCP a few weeks ago, which hasnt really fixed anything,

one part of my mind says that the issue is server related but the other is pointing at a problem with the Access points sending and receiving DHCP traffic to and from the server which would be VERY odd as the aps are not an managed solution which advanced blocking features or anything (Dlink 1360's)

Progress is great :P