I have been trying to resolve an issue with our session host and the my documents folder redirection. My documents does not map to the users (N) drive however the videos and pictures do. No errors in the logs to reflect why.

The issue stems from the fact we are using the session host which sit on one domain (Domain A) and our users are based in (Domain B) there is a working trust in place but due to Domain B having 4 servers which all hold users I cannot use a UNC or FQDN path in the GPO for redirection I have to use N:/. The drive N:/ is mapped and works correctly and user can access this without issue the problem is that work keeps getting lost because users are just saving work to the my documents which is on the Users area of the session host which is wiped upon log off.

I really think the easiest way to do it would be a batch file or a vbs file I can run on log in.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. This problem has been with RM for 2 weeks but they have come back with nothing, so I am hoping that the community approach will have better solutions.