Hi all

A week before VEEAM gets installed and my new 4TB NAS arrives - we have a problem with our storage server hyper - V machine. Basically the snapshot (which I didnt realise was running) has grown to 1.7TB - which is the size of one of our cluster shares. This leaves us needing to manually merge the snapshot back into the drive, but we need more space then 1.7TB, which I don't have lying around - anyway a 3TB USB HDD is coming today, and the microsoft man said he is confident of getting us working, but we still will spend the day with no network whilst I move 1.7tb of data to a drive, merge it, and then move it back :/

As several other tries failed yesterday - Im starting to get even more worried. I have a backup of data, which was copied accross to an external NAS on Monday night, so at worse people loose 1 days data. We can live with that.

What I am unsure about is how I go about copying this back to a new VM I have created, if I needed too. At a guess, no permissions have been copied with the files (Its just using the built in readynas backup) - so how do I go about moving all that data back with the correct permissions?

Shares are fine - they have global permissions, I can just recreate them. Profiles too are fine, they can all be recreated, so can redirected AppData, start menu, desktops. Im worried about people's user areas?

Also, would you recommend that I call any replacement server the same as the old server, so I don't have to change policies?

Finally, the one folder that was not backed up was our programs folder from the server. Some programs were in there, including MSIs

Am I right in thinking, these deployed MSIs will work fine whilst I rebuild the folder? I obviously need to work out which folders need to be reset up for programs that are run from the share... that is a PITA but I can do it.

Any help gratefully recieved, hopefully the guy will be able to manually merge the files today, and all we are looking at is a couple of days downtime and no data loss. But right now I don't have faith.