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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Share folder permission and security in Technical; Greeting everyone! I am hoping someone in this forum may be able to assist with my file sharing setup... How ...
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    Share folder permission and security

    Greeting everyone!

    I am hoping someone in this forum may be able to assist with my file sharing setup...
    How can I get this accompish:

    FolderA - I have everyone with read only and admins as full control in "Share Permission" under the share tab. This works for me as I do not require users to create folders below this folder.
    I have sub folders called:
    -SubFolderA - I would like for all users to be able to create files and folders in SubFolderA
    -Users - User can only access thier personal folder within this subfolder.

    I have all the above setup as follows:
    FolderA - Share permissions ; Admins F\C & everyone R
    SubFolderA - on the security tab, I have removed all groups and given F/C to admins and Modify to SubFolderA group
    Users - Admins F/C and users F/C of their own user folder.

    Issue here is that, users aren't able to create files and folder with this setup unless if I set FolderA share permission to modify for everyone. How can I accomplish this given the above details.

    Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Set the following permissions:

    Share permissions - Administrators (full), Domain Users (or you can create a group with only speciffic users) (modify, or full)
    NTFS permissions - Administrators (full), Domain Users (or the group you set abouve) (RE, L, R)
    Remove the inheritance option
    Set NTFS permissions as you like for speciffic users. I recommend you work with groups, and put users in those groups.

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