can they work together? I've been playing with these settings on Windows 2008 R2 gpo and windows 7 and if both apply then gpo settings break. What have I done wrong? If I remove the man profiles setting then the gpo settings apply but as soon as I apply the man profiles on a user account then only certain gpo apply but not all. Here's an example: I created gpo setting with a shortcut and wall paper, restricted users to modify the task bar, access to the c:\ drives, map a network drive and ect.. If a user log on with out Man. profile then everything works as it should. As soon as I apply the Man. profiles and log off and back on to windows 7 desktop, the only thing I can see is the background still apply, but not the rest. The user can access the c:\ drive and can see the network neighbor. Can someone point me to the right information? Thanks!