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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, shadow copies and missing files in Technical; After moving the S drive folder to my new server 2008r264bit I enabled shadow copies like my old 2003 box ...
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    shadow copies and missing files

    After moving the S drive folder to my new server 2008r264bit I enabled shadow copies like my old 2003 box and expected it to be the same. Today I'm told that a folder called IC is missing all it's database files .dbf when I look at previous version the folder contains only 1 empty folder and no files? I've checked my backup server and luckily it does have the files.

    Whats wrong? Shadow copies are running and the schedule is 2 a day and the space allocated is 4 times the size of all the data on that share. Shadow copies are far more convinient than dragging them from the backup server.

    I restored a copy of the folder incase it was a viewing issue but it was an empty folder with only 1 other empty folder in it? most of the folders and all of the files not there?

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    Does this affect any other files and folders?

    Are you sure the missing files ever made it over to the new server? If they never were on the server, that would provide explanation as to their absence from the Shadow Copies.

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    Is it only that folder that's an issue, or more? Would be nice to narrow it down

    Might be worth checking inside
    which holds a list of files/folders to ignore on backup. May be a mistake or just a default that makes it ignore those.

    Any logs showing it can't be opened/copied, due to it being opened/locked etc? (Not that shadowcopy should care, but never know)


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