We use a Pull printing solution here, which was installed over the Summer Holidays. I published the "Virtual" printer through Group Policy on a "Replace" Method, but this is not working adequately.

1. Everytime if refreshes the Group Policy it deletes it and recreates it. This takes time.

I have changed it to Update to see if it is any better, but...I would prefer to create it locally on the Machine instead of pushing it out, but I obviously don't want to visit every PC.

I have used a script in the past, but was wondering if anyone else did it differently?

The other issue is that the Printers have a Finisher on them, which needs to be set otherwise they are unable to staple. The staff member sets the option on the printer, but when it updates it removes this option. I have set the option on the Print server, but it doesn't replicate.

Previously, I installed the printer locally and set the port to be the share name e.g. \\printserver\epson and that worked ok. This seems more like a network printer installed.

Anyone got any ideas?