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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, Question about cross forest roaming in Technical; We have a primary school site which is now a vanilla windows 7/server 2008 environment, our secondar school site is ...
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    Question about cross forest roaming

    We have a primary school site which is now a vanilla windows 7/server 2008 environment, our secondar school site is RM CC3.

    We already have a 2 way trust in place,

    I have about 5 members of staff who need to log on at the primary school.

    I could create them all new users on the server 2008 environment, give their new accounts right on their existing files and folders on the secondary school area and map drives for them, but this seems like an in-elegant solution.

    I would like to enable cross forest roaming, but I have never done this before and I am worried about the effect this might have on the RM profiles which seems prone to corruption!

    Your thoughts please ladies and gentlemen.

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    Anyone got anything useful for us? My head hurts...

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    Never done it so can't comment from any practical PoV.

    What I have seen mentioned on the MS Blogs/podcasts is that cross forest/domain relationships should now be handled through ADFS, and if that doesn't have the functionality required, then you should merge the domains.

    Back in the real world... do they have laptops? Maybe if they used those fromm their home domain (so the user docs are cached via offline files and the profile is already loaded), and then the trust relationship to access resources in the guest domain, rather than trying to get cross site/forest user state roaming to work?

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