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Windows Server 2008 R2 Thread, IIS7 Configuration help and SSL Certificate help please!!!! in Technical; Ok so i have scanned all over the internet and cannot figure out what to do here so i am ...
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    Exclamation IIS7 Configuration help and SSL Certificate help please!!!!

    Ok so i have scanned all over the internet and cannot figure out what to do here so i am helping someone can help!

    I am very new when it comes to setting up a server, first time ever doing it. We are setting up an internal server using Windows Server 2008 R2. The server is going to be used for a Mobile Device Management Solution that we are hosting on premise. Part of the requirements needed to host this software is as follows: "In a single server deployment, these reside on the same server, and an external DNS entry needs to be registered for that server." So I went to godaddy and changed the ip address to one of our own publicly owned ip addresses. We also needed to get a SSL certificate which we also purchased from godaddy. Now my questions are this. First off how do i set up my web page on the server? My next question is how to install the SSL certificate? I went through the steps that godaddy gave me to no avail. I am wondering if I set up the webpage wrong. I set it up by doing the following. I opened IIS7, clicked on the server, then went to sites and right clicked on then choosing add website. I then entered site name, left the Application pool as DefaultAPPpool, next was the physical path which i have no clue what to put here(could be my issue) then in the binding part: i choose https: which it then asks for an IP address(another question which IP do i put my external or internal) select the port number 443 and choose the SSL Certificate that has already been downloaded. I do all this and nothing still! So i am hoping someone can help me here. I just want my webpage up and working.. so any advice would be great. If you need to talk to me over the phone PM and i'll give you my number. Thanks All!

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    Have you installed the SSL certificate onto the Server (i.e. have you generated the CSR, uploaded then imported it back into IIS?

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