After recently updating an iMac to Lion 10.7.4 the Win 2003 server is no longer accessible. We can see the files and copy them off but for some weird reason can't add stuff to the drive. The drive is shared between a few iMacs and PC's with the server acting nothing more than storage.

Now the drive doesn't always appear and can take some time to load. When it does trying to create an Alias throws up this:

An unexpected error occurred (error code -8060)

Been into AD on the Server end and the user accounts are set up as they should, plus trying to log in on the Lion end with the Administrators account doesn't make any difference. It either connects and shows the folders/files or fails. Any ideas?

On Snow Leopard if you went to Sharing in the System Preferences window there was an option for Windows Sharing but that seems to have disappeared in Lion.