Hello everyone,

I have two file servers and I use Roaming Profiles and have redirected Application Data and Desktop to shares on the server. I am looking at using DFS-R so that I can replicate these Roaming Profiles and Redirected Folders between the two servers. I have implemented DFS using an Active/Passive approach whereby clients always use the targets that point to File-Server1 and then should that server be unavailable they point to the file-server2.

My question is: How can I increase the speed of failover for DFS, for example should file-server1 be unavailable there is a as little delay as possible for clients switching over to file-server2.

(The two file servers are also the domain controllers for the network, with file-server1 holding all of the FSMO roles and both servers being a global catalog.)

Is there anyway of using DFS-R to replicate the exchange mailstore databases. I am not bothered about having any fault tolerance regarding the running of exchange itself, but I would like to replicate the mailstore to another server for redundancy.

Thanks again!