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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Ranger Outpost in Technical; Hi all, We have our ranger outpost server running on server 2003 R2, which also is our DC3. it seams ...
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    Ranger Outpost

    Hi all,

    We have our ranger outpost server running on server 2003 R2, which also is our DC3. it seams to not be working internaly, users can connect from out of school but if they are in school trying to connect from their staff laptops in school they are unable to connect. they get an error message that states, "The address of the Outpost Server was not found. No such host is found." Which states that the server is offline which it isnt, we have checked the logs and students are accessing it from home, and if i log in on the server it connects, but if i try and log in from my tech machine i am unable, this used to work. Any ideas guys?

    Many Thanks

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    That's the way it's designed to work.
    The outpost client package is created with the external IP address in the executable code, in a NAT environment that means you would two packages one with the external ip configured and a second package with the internal network address!
    But that's where your users would already have access to home drives and resources so why would you need to deploy Outpost clients for internal users in the first place ???
    I suspect that you have installed the Outpost package with the external IP address on your tech PC.

    Without creating a second deployment package it is possible to change IP address within the config/ini file I think there may even be a registry key with it inside.
    Change the external IP entry to the servers internal one and it should all work, or follow the instructions and create a new package with the internal IP.

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    The away around this is to set-up Ranger Outpost using a domain eg outpost.school.sch.uk for external access points to your public IP address and then update your Domains DNS so that outpost.school.sch.uk points to the internal IP address of your Outpost server.

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