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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Windows Firewall and DFS Replication in Technical; Hello everyone, I have another issue as well as the issue with setting the quotas.... How can I enable the ...
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    Windows Firewall and DFS Replication

    Hello everyone,

    I have another issue as well as the issue with setting the quotas....

    How can I enable the Windows Firewall and set exceptions to allow DFS Replication communication to take place? I have no ISA server on the network, only a router between the servers and the internet and I am very wary about disabling the Windows Firewall on each of the servers

    Thanks again for the help in advance,

    Jonathan Worth.

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    I haven't worked with DFS, but I know what it is used for. The question you got ask yourself is DFS Replication working between servers. If yes then you don't need to worry about the firewall. Turn on the firewall you do that on the LAN connection on the server and not sure if DFS is added the list automatically so you might need to add it. But windows firewall can not work if you have ip routing active.


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