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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, My Documents Folder Redirection Error - Server 2003 / XP clients.... in Technical; I've been looking at a network. I've got a bit of a head scratcher with a Folder Redirection problem. It ...
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    My Documents Folder Redirection Error - Server 2003 / XP clients....

    I've been looking at a network. I've got a bit of a head scratcher with a Folder Redirection problem. It only affects one suite of computers. It's a 2003 server environment with XP clients. The users have no problems in the other computer suites.

    In this particular PC suite, it looks like the redirection for My Documents has gone awol. It bizarrely looks like it is trying to use a student account on the server that was created to test the original server setup, called 'Test User'...!?

    Not all users are affected in the room and not all the same computers when it happens - it seems to vary.

    What I do know has happened recently is that XP SP3 has been installed along with Office 2010 and SP1 on the machines. I know there are issues with the sp3 fdeploy.dll and some users have solved their problems by swapping it with a SP2 version but I'm confused as to what is happening and why the wrong My Documents is being redirected.

    The application event log shows an event ID 107 error:
    "Failed to perform redirection of folder My Documents. The folder is configured to be redirected from <\\server-name\users\test user> to <\\server-name\users\year11\fbloggs>. The following error occurred: Access is denied."

    What happens though is the My Documents folder for the test account called 'Test User' is loaded for the student.

    Looking on the server at the user configuration folder redirection My Documents settings for the student GPO, the path is set to \\%homeshare%%homepath% - it's set to redirect to the user's home dir.

    The users don't have any problems elsewhere with the other computers on the site.

    I'm confused. Help!
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    Curious, I had a similar issue a couple of weeks ago but this on one of my Terminal Server suites.

    In the end I added a GPO

    Computer Configuration
    Administrator Templates
    "Always wait for Network at computer start up and log in" Enabled

    Cured the issue and maybe worth a try. I am still a little confused at to why I started to get this problem but,hey ho, it's working now.

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    Is there a cheeky little Group Policy being applied to the computers in your suite under Computer Configuration?

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