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    Quick CSVDE question

    Can you import data using CSVDE for users already setup ? For example I need to add the web site and address fields etc in AD but itís not a new user, itís an existing one.
    I can't see why not, I just want clarification.

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    According to the course handbook for a MSITP course i've just been on this week (6419 if anyone cares), CSVDE is only for creating new users. What you probably want instead is LDIFDE which apparently allows for the creation, modification and export of AD accounts. I haven't worked out how to use it yet though.

    An easier option would probably be to use this at www.wisesoft.co.uk: Bulk AD Users which makes the process IMO a whole lot easier as you can then import a CSV with all the required info and it will update where necessary.

    EDIT: Apparently LDIFDE uses the same syntax as CSVDE, instead you just use LDIF files, whatever they are...
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