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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Do I create a new Exchange Server to Restore Information Store (Backup Exec 2010) in Technical; Afternoon All, If you have read the other thread over in the Windows forums you will probably know I have ...
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    Do I create a new Exchange Server to Restore Information Store (Backup Exec 2010)

    Afternoon All,

    If you have read the other thread over in the Windows forums you will probably know I have had alot on my plate the last few days, anyway!

    I have found the Information Store is on one of the tapes, but obviously the Exchange Server on the old box is non existant and I am under the impression that If i create another 2k3 box and Install Exchange 2003 I should then be able to restore the information store to that server and then do my mailbox export to then import into the new Server (Exchange 2010).

    I think that is right, but just wanted to double check or/ see if anyone else has any other idea's



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    Hi James,

    1. Havent seen your other post, cant find it, but, if your exch 2010 Org is pure 2010 and you have no 2003 then you cant introduce another 2003 box into the Org.
    2. Nor sure of your setup (exch org/forest/domains etc//) but if you create a new org & ad forest and put 2003 in there, you can then restore to RSG and get the data out to a PST then import than PST into 2010, I assumre u are useing 2010 Sp1

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    James' other thread is - Server Down - Administrator Cannot Login / Directory Services Unavailable

    I'm sure he'd be grateful for your help especially given the circumstances!

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    You cannot inplace upgrade 2003 -> 2010 so that rules a nice easy option out (plus you are using SBS so that wouldnt work anyway). You would install exchange 2003, patch, restore mailboxes from backups, install exchange 2010 then migrate mailboxes across. since you are using SBS then I would setup exchange 2003 on a different machine (just pressgang a desktop and put server on it!). Migration from 2003 -> 2010 is a breeze if you have "downtime" (which you have lots of!)

    In an emergecy you can setup a DC with the same details as your current domain (not on the network for obvious reasons) and install exchange 2003, export PSTs and reimport. Server 2008 can backup to a USB drive that can be restored to "hardware different" machines - that way you can do your backups and restoring on a "same domain" but isolated from the network thus not screwing up your new setup, I do not know if SBS can do the same.
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