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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, Managing Mac from Active Directory in Technical; Hello all, Currently I'm used to managing Windows clients with a Windows Server, however with Macs being introduced to a ...
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    Managing Mac from Active Directory

    Hello all,

    Currently I'm used to managing Windows clients with a Windows Server, however with Macs being introduced to a Windows network, it presents various management issues.

    What I am looking for is something I can integrate with Active Directory (for user authentication), but also management of Mac Group Policies, just like Windows Policies.

    Researching the issue, there are several options. Either buy some software which works with/on top of Active Directory or buy a separate Mac Server which is expensive.

    What have you done or used to achieve these tasks? And how is the day to day management of managing Windows and Mac in a single domain?

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    The software for on top of AD is possibly just as much if not more than buying a Mac mini server. Other thing to watch out for is OSX Lion (next version coming out in summer). This looks like it may be better for supporting connecting to AD and windows file shares (features like DFS and a couple of other things). Also, OSX lion will also include the server portions in the general OS disc (may need a separate install) so, depending on how confident you feel you could stick it on a basic mac mini (or still just buy the mac mini server with dual 500GB drives for ~750-800). If you have a look on the website for admitmac or similar you may see what the pricing is like and be surprised.

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    A Mac Mini Server is ultimately a very handy thing to have with this setup - I considered all the software alternatives but it just worked out easier in the end. We paid around 640+VAT for ours (older model, Snow Leopard with 4GB RAM, 2.66GHZ C2D, 2 x 500GB drives) and it's been excellent. They arrive without RAID (though there's some great guides online to setting it up).

    I now use ours for Mac management via the Magic Triangle with AD users, Printer deployment, and some shares for A-Level students.

    If you can budget for it, consider it at least. Having it to run DeployStudio may just be worth the cost alone...

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    Another thumbs-up for the MacMini server... really can't beat it...

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    Apple Remote Desktop.

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    We did a schema extension of the AD to support Macs. Works rather well, and no longer need to use Mac servers.

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