had no luck in the mac forum so im expanding my search just incase its a windows or cross platform bug.

I have 4 mac's set up and bound to our windows server 2003 domain, they link to the users home folders with the network drive location derived as \\(mainserver)\(username) within the users folders are ones for the desktop and documents + downloads.

Everything for the most part is fine, the folders are set up with full read write permission for the user that is logged in or any domain administrator.

i am having problems where something is changing the folder permissions from the default settings to just everyone with delete permissions. (might not be the mac but it was not happening befor they arrived)

this means that when the user logs in to a windows machine which uses the same drive for the my documents and u:\ drive they are unable to access it, or back in to a mac for that matter.

i have to manually go back in and reset the permissions, every time i ask the kids what was the last computer they were logged in to they always say one of the 4 macs

has anyone come across this before?


Alun Jones